About Carmen

10460398_10204702126167488_9063013918314023679_nCarmen Taggart loves to make work feel like play!  She combines a love of organization with a vast array of technical skill to take a project from inception to completion with great attention to care and detail.

She loves getting stuff done but isn’t afraid to ask questions along the way, so that she can better understand your business and your creative vision.  Her ability to combine creative intuition with a keen business sense all wrapped together with heart and spirit make her a valuable asset to your business. She knows the importance of accountability both for completing her own tasks and in communication between members of the team to keep business moving.

She is incredibly polite but direct in her communication. She’s the kind of person who always gets a refund over the phone when she (politely) pushes for it. She is a great fit for interacting with customers, communicating with potential partners or vendors and coordinating task completions with them.

She is by no means a techie developer or computer engineer but she’s a quick learner and comfortable with technology. She knows how to turn to Google when she’s stuck with something – whether that’s troubleshooting a Skype connection issue or researching what tool we might need to create better client interaction on a website. She is not afraid to ask questions and to seek assistance from experts when necessary.

Basically, she’s like a school girl with a new set of crayons – after a bit of playing around with a new tool, she just kinda gets it and runs with it.

She is open, direct, and straightforward. She believe that honesty, awareness, and ownership are the direct routes to problem solving, and bringing the spirit of play into the work arena.  She’s a solution-based thinker who investigates why things went wrong with the goal of improving the process and finding a creative solution to any situation.

It is pretty impossible to faze Carmen, she is able to take a hit and keep rolling — if your goal is to get it done, even if the path that gets there isn’t quite the one that you anticipated, then Carmen is the VA with Spirit for  you!   Carmen always bring her heart, her love of organization, her creative approach to business, and her love of playing with technology to work!


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